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The Dowsing Pendulum Shop is your one stop shop for Dowsing Pendulums. We offer a wide range of Dowsing Pendulums from around the World. We have a wide range of Gemstone and Crystal Dowsing Pendulums like the popular Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Black Tourmaline in addition to many other Gemstone types. We also stock Chakra Pendulums and Metal Pendulums and Pendulums that double up as a Beautiful Bracelet. What's more - Delivery is Free on Any order and to Anywhere in the world!

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Being Qualified Holistic Dowsing Practitioners we also want to share with you our wealth of knowledge about Pendulum Dowsing, We guarantee that whatever you need to know about Pendulum Dowsing, you will find it here at The Dowsing Pendulum Shop. We offer advanced Dowsing information when you Register your Details with us and being registered also entitles you to special offers and generous discounts.

Our Top Selling Dowsing Pendulums

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Chakra Dowsing Pendulum Bracelets
Chakra Dowsing Pendulum Bracelets are available in Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz.

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Chakra Dowsing Pendulums
A variety of Chakra Dowsing Pendulums - Chakra Pendulums and Pendulums with a Chakra Chain.

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Facetted Plain Gemstone Dowsing Pendulums
We have 12 Gemstones Types available in our Facetted Gemstone Dowsing Pendulum Range.

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Metal Spiral Dowsing Pendulums
We stock Metal Spiral Dowsing Pendulums and also a Twin Dowsing Pendulum, which is Metal and Clear Quartz Crystal.

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Learn more about Pendulum Dowsing:
Being Qualified Holistic Dowsing Practitioners, we hope that our website not only provides you with the tools for Dowsing but also lots of information. Comprehensive information can be found in the menu on the left hand side and Advanced Pendulum Dowsing Information is available when you Register your Details including lots of downloadable Dowsing Charts.

Pendulum Dowsing Information

On our Web site we give an Introduction to Dowsing and where and when it originated. We explain What Dowsing Is and the difference between Local and Non-Local Dowsing. We talk about Electromagnetic Fields and the Universal Information Field and its relevance in Pendulum Dowsing. We explain about the Alpha State and why it is important in Dowsing and we provide you with sample Meditations to get you into the Alpha State. Finally we show you Pendulum Dowsing - The Correct Way which covers Pendulum Dowsing Responses and How to Programme your Dowsing Pendulum using the Drop-Move Sequence.


Wholesale Enquiries: Please note that we offer great discounts for order quantities of 50 or more and 100 or more. Please Contact us for a copy of our Wholesale Catalogue and Trade Prices. So if you are a Holistic Therapist or offer Dowsing as part of your Training Courses then why not offer Dowsing Pendulums to your customers.