Facetted Labradorite Gemstone Dowsing Pendulum

A Facetted Labradorite Gemstone Dowsing Pendulum on a Silver Chain, complete with a Clear Quartz Crystal Ball on the end of the chain. Labradorite Crystal and Gemstone Properties can be found below the product image.

Facetted Labradorite Dowsing Pendulum

Price: 7.95

Healing Properties of Labradorite
Labradorite has long been a Shaman's stone - meaning it has very magical, transformational and etheric qualities. It is one of the best grounding stones to accompany astral travel/higher chakra work. It truly helps to maintain connection to Earth, whilst its light-reflectivity helps to explore higher vibrations. This 'holding your ankles whilst you fly' effect - ensures that you are able to bring down and integrate into physical life whatever you learn working in higher realms. If you practice meditation (or would like to), focusing on labradorite can help you enter and maintain the meditative state. Labradorite is known to have healing properties for mental confusion and indecision which allows the wearer of the stone to have self-understanding on a deeper level. It is also believed to strengthen the human immune system.

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