How Dowsing Works in Detail

It is accepted that certain inorganic substances exert a field effect that has
electromagnetic properties. It is but a step to the concept that the human, himself having electromagnetic properties, interacts with the electromagnetic field of the inorganic substance he is seeking. The Dowsing Tool becomes the amplifying tool that brings the unconscious information forward as a visible indicator. That which is hidden becomes visible. The secondary(electromagnetic) sense becomes primary (visual).

Account also needs to be taken of the local geographical conditions, the moon phases, any sunspot activity, the time of day, all of these affect the electromagnetic conditions of the earth on which our dowser stands.

Remember .... It is not the Pendulum itself that accesses the hidden information or the answer we are seeking, It is US that accesses the information. Dowsing Pendulums are simply an extension of our Nervous System, the part of us which can interact with Electromagnetic Fields and Information Fields.

With a working concept of where the information we are dowsing comes from
then a simple concept is that  the conscious mind can direct the question, the intuitive mind receives the answer and the pendulum brings the response in a way the conscious mind can access, via the nervous system.