Introduction to Dowsing

Dowsing is known by many names, including Divination, Dowsing and
Radiesthesia. Radiesthesia is the ability to detect the interplay of  Radiations. Find out more about Radiations.

Another term often used in relation to dowsing is to refer to individuals as possessing “Extra sensory perception”. Anyone can dowse, although some will find it easier than others, in the same way that for some learning to play the piano seems effortless, while others struggle to master the scales. But whether you are an effortless dowser, or one who has to work hard to reach a level of skill where you can use dowsing in your practice, it is achievable.

There are many ways to use Dowsing including detecting water, on archaeological searches, prospecting for mineral and oil deposits, when surveying sites (pipes, tunnels etc), for healing and medicine, aligning with
earth energies, searching for missing objects, and soil testing and

Local and Non-Local Dowsing

Local dowsing means "on-site" dowsing, for example; dowsing for water by actually being physically present at the site itself, the place where you are seeking to find water. In local dowsing the dowser is passively receiving information.

Non Local dowsing is dowsing from another time or another place, for example; dowsing another persons home for a lost object by using a map of the persons house, and doing this from another locations, like your own home in another place.