Pendulum Dowsing - The Correct Way!

This is one of the most important articles you will read about Pendulum Dowsing. Many people think that the Dowsing Pendulum has special powers, or that it is the Pendulum that knows the answers to questions that we do not, When in fact this is not true, This is NOT how Pendulum Dowsing works.

We Control the Pendulum - The Pendulum Does Not Control Us

Your conscious mind is effectively saying to your nervous system: “There’s
information out there that I’m not conscious of. I can use intention and
access it, but I can’t see the information without your help. You are instructing the pendulum to give you a visual signal when the answer the comes in.

"Yes", "No" and "Rephrase" Responses

Before getting started with Pendulum Dowsing, you must establish your "Yes", "No" and "Rephrase" Responses. One very important thing to remember is that it is us that programmes the pendulum to move in a particular way for our "Yes", "No" and "Rephrase" responses. You may have previously read or been told that "If the Pendulum circles clockwise, it means Yes, and it it circles anti-clockwise, it mean No. This is Nonsense!

Programming your Dowsing Pendulum

We programme the Pendulum to move the way we want it to move for each of our 3 responses. Now, you may be thinking that this sounds like cheating or that when we come to dowse later we will only get the answers that we want. Remember again, We control the Pendulum, The Pendulum does not control us. It might seem strange that at this point you are deliberately moving the pendulum. This is not cheating.  It would only be cheating if dowsing meant that the pendulum is getting the information. But the pendulum is an inanimate object being used as a tool. The mind is training the nervous system to use the tool, before we learn to dowse.

Holding the Dowsing Pendulum Correctly

Firstly practice holding the pendulum in the palm of your hand, (palm
underneath) before dropping it (still holding onto the string) whilst deliberately
moving it backwards and forwards over the “yes” line. The length of string or
chain that is allowed to drop depends on the operator – it should not be too long or too short, but a comfortable mid length, that moves along the fan chart
sections easily. For example try a ring dangling about 5 inches fingers, and then adjust the length to suit. Heavier pendulums may feel better on a longer string, but play with the idea and see what “feels right” for each pendulum.

The Drop - Move Sequence
Either mentally or out loud recite “yes” “yes” “yes” as it swings. Put the pendulum back into your hand and repeat. and repeat and repeat.

What you are effectively teaching your nervous system, by practice and repetition is “If the answer is yes, swing this way.” Do the same for “No” and “Rephrase.”

Click the Image for a Full Size Printable Version of the Programming your Pendulum Responses Fan Chart


“Yes” drop – the pendulum moves along the Yes line
“No” drop – the pendulum moves along the No line.
“Rephrase” drop – the pendulum moves along the Rephrase line.

Once you have mastered this, when you say “yes” or “no” or “rephrase” the
pendulum will drop from your hand and go along the correct line, without you
forcing it.