The Dowsing Witness

The witness is used to "bring the client to mind" when the client isn't physically present. By using a witness we can connect to the client, in a similar way that we might connect to or tune in with the client if they were physically present.

The witness allows us to focus on the client. It need not matter what the actual witness is, as long as it has some association or connection to the client, for example a sample of hair or even a signature. The witness appears to hold energy or vibrations of that of its owner and it is this energy that the dowser works with. This is very similar to when a medium gives a reading about a deceased or missing person, by using an item of theirs (Psychometry) for example a watch or a ring, or some item that held sentimental value.

Sometimes we may not have a rational explanation as to why the witness works, but if we feel that using a witness works then that is all that matters, Think of the witness at a tool or as an extension of the client, in just the same way that the dowsing tool is an extension of the dowser. In effect what we are saying is that it does not matter what the witness is, as long as it helps us to connect to the client, then it has served its purpose, It is merely an extension of the client which is connected to the client by vibrations or an energy field.