Three Piece Herkimer Diamond Dowsing Pendulum

A three piece Herkimer Diamond Dowsing Pendulum on a silver chain complete with a Clear Quartz Crystal Ball on the end of the chain. This pendulum features a pencil shaped point, a double terminated point and a sphere. Herkimer Diamond Crystal and Gemstone Properties can be found below the product image.

Three Piece Herkimer Diamond Dowsing Pendulum

Price: 13.95

Healing Properties of Herkimer Diamond
Herkimer Diamond is a tool for storing and locking in energy, and for expanding consciousness. Herkimer's help to increase creative thinking and imagination. I call them Friends of Light because of their incredible brilliant sparkle under lights and their energy companionship. Herkimer Diamond is a very high energy crystal that holds a significant amount of energy and can hold structures in place. These gems provide a sacred geometric structural attunement that has the ability to re-align other structures that aren't so perfect ! For that reason, Herkimer is a compliment to just about any healing practice, to the pursuit of personal goals and to any meditation. It locks energy patterns into perfect geometric harmony. So if you are planning to build something like a bridge (literally or figuratively), trying to blend ideas or formulas, trying to regulate some imbalance in your body, or are just trying to sort out life in general, Herkimer is able to hold the energy for you as a support tool. They are also used to enhance the vision and clarity of dreams. A Herkimer Diamond has such perky energy, it is often use to provide cheerfulness to gloomy people and to deflect negative energy from people who are weak willed. As an energy companion, Herkimer's relate to the expansion of cosmic consciousness. They modulate a very high frequency vibration that retrieves telepathic messages from afar. Its like having your own two-way satellite communications hub. It is this highly refined energy of Herkimer's that provide protection from harmful forms of radiation, allowing you to carry out your spiritual mission without interference.

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Dowsing Information

Holding the Dowsing Pendulum Correctly

Firstly practice holding the pendulum in the palm of your hand, (palm
underneath) before dropping it (still holding onto the string) whilst deliberately moving it backwards and forwards over the “yes” line. The length of string or chain that is allowed to drop depends on the operator – it should not be too long or too short, but a ... Read on >>