Universal Information Fields

A Universal Information Field is a "Place" from Where our Dowsing Results are Accessed.

If we think of the universe in terms of potential, let us say that anything is
possible. All that is, all that was, or could have been, or has the potential to be
in the future, all these possibilities are there. When Humans are mentally able to tune in to this vast source of potential, they can access information about what happened in the past, or what had the potential to happen, and can envision ideas for now and in the future.

Everything is reflected as “information” within an information field. This information field reflects all that is, or could be, all that was, or could have
been, and all future potential. For those whose personal or professional
interests involve human health, our working concept is that we are reflected
individually, and as a group, and as a species.

An information field is a "place" whereby past, present and future information is stored, whether it be in the atmosphere or in an energy field, no one really knows but it is out there somewhere. Every action, intention or thought was created by energy and that energy must be somewhere. Maybe there is an information field for everything or maybe there are separate information fields for different species, or for different groups. Perhaps the animal kingdom have their own information field and between themselves the animal kingdom can tap into that information field easily?

Now that we understand what an Information Field is, then we can understand why we are able to Dowse Non-Locally. We do not have to be physically present at the location