What is Dowsing?

Many think that dowsing is a sixth sense that allowed early man to survive
a hostile environment. When the usual five senses (sight, hearing, smell,
touch and taste) did not provide information that resulted in finding water,
food, shelter, or safety, then the additional sense would have had definite
survival value.

Dowsing can be defined as the use of a tool or object that can be used to obtain information that would usually be unavailable through one of our usual 5 primary senses. This information is accessed from a Universal Information Field. The dowsing tool or object being used is an extension of our nervous system that brings the information to us in a way that we can relate too, i.e. -when the pendulum gives us a Yes answer, we SEE it move. The information is obtained by us through Secondary Sense, and the dowsing tool or object shows us the information or answer we are seeking through our Primary Senses.

Secondary information, otherwise hidden from the primary senses, can be made visible to the conscious mind by the use of tools.